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Electrical Works

Electricians design, install, and repair electrical power systems, including communications, lighting, and control networks in homes, businesses, factories, and public spaces and thoroughfares, in addition to ensuring that electrical work is up to code.

Electrician Duties & Responsibilities

Electricians’ duties are diverse and depend on the employer and specialty, but some responsibilities are common to most:

  • Diagnose electrical problems using diagrams or blueprints.
  • Install and repair electrical systems.
  • Inspect, troubleshoot, and conduct tests.
  • Pinpoint problems using a range of testing devices.
  • Safely use various hand and power tools.
  • Plan the layout and installation of electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures.
  • Comply with all safety standards and regulations of the National Electrical Code.
  • Supervise and train others in the installation and repair of electrical components.

Electricians get electrical power from its source to end-users, install it safely, and perform testing, maintenance, and repairs to keep it functioning properly. In the course of doing this work, they may also need to administer first aid or CPR, provide professional advice to customers, order parts, demonstrate knowledge of renewable or green energy components and systems, work productively with coworkers and the public, and remove trees, branches, and brush that interfere with power lines and electrical utility rights of way.

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