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Interior Work

The interior designer’s key responsibilities include visualizing and sketching design plans as per client goals, sourcing products and materials, determining costs and inspecting construction to ensure alignment with design specifications are met. You will also be expected to comply with the regulatory environment around inspections and building codes.

Good interior designers are able to think creatively about the use of space, color and movement and will draw on other artistic mediums for creative inspiration. They will also be effective communicators with the ability to persuade in communicating a design idea.

Interior Designer Responsibilities:
  • Outline client design objectives.
  • Conceptualize and sketch design plans.
  • Determine cost of completion and project requirements in the budgeting phase.
  • Set a timeline for the completion of an interior design project.
  • Source materials and products included in plans.
  • Create ‘mood boards’ to sample your design vision.
  • Utilize computer applications in the design process.
  • Inspect design after completion to determine whether client goals have been met.
Wood Work
Wood Work

Interior Wood Work Service is a method where wood work is done using the excellent quality wood and advanced techniques.  Woodwork gives wide scope to customize and experiment. This service is accomplished in varied forms that meet customer’s demand.

False Ceiling & Dry Wall Installation
False Ceiling & Dry Wall Installation

we performs installation of different types of dry wall and false ceiling systems
at the construction site. Using gypsum boards, plaster board, fiber board and grid panel for false ceiling work and installs wall partition and dry wall ceiling as per instructions.


An excellent painter is knowledgeable in selecting the right materials for their job. They have experience in painting with various tools and in various heights and spaces while observing all safety measures. They must be reliable and deft as well as possess great attention to detail in completing their duties.

we advice our customers on floor coverings based on their specifications and budget. You should also be able to inspect the work area, take proper measurements, and provide an estimate of the number  of materials and time required. we will be responsible for adhering to the industry standards and safety protocols while delivering high levels of customer service to ensure longevity.